SoftChalk- Finish button unavailable/ greyed out
Softchalk experienced service issues between Friday, February 5, and Tuesday, February 9. Students were unable to select the "Finish" button at the end of Softchalk lessons because it was unavailable/ greyed out. The submission issue was resolved on the afternoon of February 9, 2021. Students can now resume their in-progress attempt and successfully submit by clicking the Finish button.

As the instructor, you can also manually complete the attempts in ScoreCenter using Complete All Attempts in the Actions drop-down menu.  
1. Click on the SoftChalk Lesson in Blackboard.
2. Locate the student and click on their name to open the menu.
3. Select the in-progress attempt from the list of available attempts.
4. From the ScoreCenter details page, click the 'Actions' menu and click 'Complete Attempt.
5. Confirm the completion by clicking 'Complete.
6. The grade sync process between SoftChalk and Blackboard will now begin. If the grade is not immediately available, please give it some time to process.
Posted Feb 05, 2021 - 00:00 CST