Respondus Lockdown Browser - Server Message, "Question is unanswered".
On February 5th we had several students contact our helpdesk stating they were unable to save open-ended short answer and essay questions.

There is a known issue with Respondus Lockdown Browser version on Windows and Mac regarding short answer and essay questions displaying a Server Message, "Question is Unanswered" when students try to manually save their input.

To resolve the issue, students would have to manually update the Respondus LockDown Browser version to Please follow these steps to update:

1.Open Respondus LockDown Browser.
2.Windows: Click the “i” icon located on the top left corner. Mac: Click the About (globe) icon located on the top left corner.
3.Click Check for Newer Version or Check for Update.
4.Follow the on-screen instructions to download and run the update.

Please visit the link below for more information
Posted Feb 05, 2021 - 00:00 CST